Bringing together the best of Holistic, Natural Living, Alternative and Complementary Health Addressing Mind, Body, & Spirit, Green and Sustainable Product Choices. Sample and purchase services and products – Attend live workshops. Modalities include: Holistic Physicians, Naturopath, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Dry Needling & Pelvic Floor Wellness, Spirit Art, Yoga, Hypnotherapists, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Holistic Veterinarian, Holistic/Natural Dentist, Functional Medicine MD, Etc..

Our generous sponsor LINK of Hampton Roads, Inc. is a nonprofit volunteer organization which exists to help people help themselves through education, direct services, advocacy and outreach programs. Their mission is "Linking community resources to provide fast and affordable housing solutions to homeless individuals, as well as emergency services to men, women and children who don’t have access to their basic needs and find themselves in a housing crisis or other emergency situations."

To Learn More About LINK of Hampton Roads please visit their website at www.linkhr.org or follow them on social media.

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Rev. Sharon Flynn, MHT

Hypnosis and Healing Center


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Event Coordinator

Lynne Finding

Executive Director

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Administrative Manager

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